Metallic Epoxy Coatings

Metallic epoxy flooring is currently one of the hottest trends in decorative concrete floors. With metallic flooring, you can achieve a wide range of visual effects and different colors. Others enable you to achieve a stunning 3D appearance, which produces an appearance of ripples, swirling rivers and craters of metallic looking plasma.

Metallic epoxy also creates movement and depth on the floor, thus replicating molten metal. If you have been considering metallic epoxy flooring for your surfaces, here is everything you need to know, to determine whether it is a viable option for you.

What Is Metallic Epoxy?

This flooring material is obtained when a 2-component epoxy solids, is combined with metallic pigments. The result is a self-leveling epoxy coating, which is easy to manipulate to create or produce different visual effects.

When it is applied to the floor, various solvents like denatured alcohol, are then applied. These solvents diffuse and move the metallic pigments around in the epoxy. This creates the look of a flowing river, as well as spots of fractured-looking molten metal, sitting on the surface of the coating.

As you might have noticed, this process cannot be carried out by anyone. You need to hire professional contractors, who have specifically handled such projects successfully. The application method used determines the result. For example, some products can be worked with a leaf blower or an air nozzle, giving effects that look like rolling waves, puddling, ripples and moon craters. You can also create two-tone effects if you introduce a second color during application.